What is Khumbu?

Khumbu, also known as the Everest Region is a mountainous region in the Himalayas with an elevation range from 11,000 to 29,029 ft. It is the gateway to the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest! Our brands are inspired by this beautiful region amid the world’s highest mountains.

Who designs your products?

We have teams of designers in Fort Collins, Colorado and Nepal. The designers in Fort Collins and Nepal gather feedback from customers to continually improve on current designs, or to add new products. We also look for emerging trends in the market to drive inspiration. Then we collaborate to design rugged but functional products that are best of both worlds!

Where are your products made?

Our branded products are made in Himalayan country of Nepal. Our gear is not made in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam or Malaysia. We take pride in bringing you products directly from one of the most storied and famous outdoor locations in the world!

How are your products made?

By skilled garment makers and tailors. We do not manufacture with high capacity industrial machinery because it can lead to multiple quality defects. Each item is carefully crafted by hand which means they take a little longer to make – but the extra time and care leads to a high quality, well made product.

We are a sustainable company: Manufacturing in Nepal ensures that Hydro Electricity (not coal or nuclear) is used to run the sewing machines.

How is your product tested?

Manufacturing one piece at a time, without high production lines improves quality greatly. The craftsman inspects as they create. After that, the product goes through rigorous quality checks. Our designs are tested outside, in real conditions, in at various altitudes, in high winds and in the adverse weather conditions only found in the Himalayas of Khumbu. We have a dedicated group of mountain guides who test new products on their adventure treks. For example, just recently a team of Khumbu members were at an elevation of 17,569 in the Thorung-La pass, testing gear including our polar fleece, our soft shells, THS Sleeping Bags, Sherpa series backpacks and many more.

Who owns your company?

Not big business. We are one of the few outdoor companies who take pride in being small, independent and local. We are a local brand owned by a group of people who love the outdoors and understand that sometimes your life can depend on the equipment you have.

What is your process for design collaboration?

We have U-Design sessions on in our Fort Collins Flagship store. Some of the designs you will see in 2013 will be based on feedback we receive from the local outdoor enthusiasts. If you are interested in or U-Design session, drop us a line  and we will let you know when we’re having one.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Absolutely anything over $50, we ship for free!

If you have further questions or ideas, feel free to email us at info@khumbuadventuregear.com and we’ll be more than happy to answer you individually or update our FAQ section above!