Prakash and Sabina
Prakash and Sabina, CO-Founder of Khumbu Adventure Gear

Khumbu Adventure Gear is your source for high quality outdoor and adventure products (clothing, camping and trekking) at direct from the manufacturer prices. Our Fort Collins Flagship store is the focal point for the introduction of new products.

Portion of our profit goes towards Khumbu Foundation, a non profit organization actively involved in enrichment of lives of families in Nepal.

A Unique Himalayan Shopping Experience

Our clothing is made exclusively in the Himalayan country of Nepal and is tailored to fit the all levels of outdoor enthusiast. We take the utmost care in producing high quality products. Our factory in Nepal is hydro electric powered resulting in a lower carbon footprint than other outdoor gear companies.

We want to become a partner in your outdoor adventures. Our goal is to build a place where we can collaborate on designing outdoor clothing and gear to meet your needs! The possibilities are endless at Khumbu!

Our Life Style products are handcrafted by artisans of Nepal who happens to be housewives and daughters knitting in their spare time after completing all their household responsibilities and trying to contribute their earnings to help their family running. Even in this modern era most of the families in Nepal prohibit their wives and daughters to go out and work, but since these women can knit at their own homes, they are able to make their own share of profit.

Khumbu Adventure Gear support women empowerment and employs these artisans from small villages in and around Kathmandu valley. Wages are fairly established on per item basis and this structure of work has helped these artisans and their families to raise their standard of living. So, Khumbu Adventure Gear would like to thank you in advance for making your purchase and helping these women to support their families.

Our woolen products are hand knitted with 100% sheep wool by the artisans of Nepal. Slight variation in size, color and design contributes to make each product unique. Please consider this fact while making your purchase.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission: Provide unique outdoor apparel and equipment with utmost care and compassion!
  • Vision: Provide the highest quality outdoor gear – tested in the Himalayas – produced with a minimal impact to the environment!
  • Values: We value and respect the community and planet on which we live. We urge you to support local and to act locally but think globally!
 From Khumbu with Love